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Myth BUSTED!!!

I know most all of us have at a point in time driven thru the place with the big green sign to order our favorite sugary coffee drink and be asked, "Would you like an extra shot of espresso in that?" Come on, it's safe to raise your hands! Anyway, I wanted to debunk a certain myth that many have totally wrong as it relates to said "shot". Simply put, the green sign folks use espresso beans to serve in most of their drinks, unless you are getting a drip coffee. The myth is that espresso has more caffeine in it, therefore, the "extra shot" gives you an added boost of caffeine! Well, BUSTED!!! The coffee itself varies in caffeine depending on the region of the world it is from, it has zero to do with it being espresso! Espresso is actually nothing but close to burnt coffee beans! And the longer coffee is roasted, the darker and more oil it gives off, it has zero to do with "more caffeine"! Fact of it is simple, the lighter the bean, the more caffeine the coffee has, because with time and temperature increases, coffee beans lose more over time! So, you are better off asking for their light roast drip. Or here's a better idea, BUY our House Roast Coffee and save the money and calories and make it yourself!!! Have a great weekend and be safe!


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